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Increased the number of Mexican visitors in Canada

02 Jan 2018
One of the reasons why Justin Trudeau’s government eliminated the visa requirement for Mexican citizens was to promote tourism. The figures revealed this week by... Read More
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Montréal Nouveau Départ – New services for immigrants

16 Dec 2017
Are you coming to Montreal or preparing your arrival to this new hometown, your new home; with all the best intentions to discover every corner... Read More
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The World needs more Canada

14 Dec 2017
The World needs more Canada , said former president Barack Obama during his historic speech in the Canadian Parliament. Now a report demonstrates, in part,... Read More

WestJet’s 12 Christmas surprises

13 Dec 2017
For 12 days the airline WestJet was transmitting its Christmas surprises through Facebook. Today the company revealed where the inspiration for its year-end campaign came... Read More
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Christmas holidays in Canada

08 Dec 2017
The Christmas holidays are a typical custom in almost all parts of the world, also considered one of the most emotive and expected moments of... Read More
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