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04 Jan 2018

The number of citizenship applications in Canada is triggered

The Canadian government has said that they expect all immigrants to come to the country to become Canadian citizens at some point.

The most recent changes to citizenship laws are apparently motivating to meet that goal, according to a recent report.

In the week following October 11, when the most recent citizenship changes came into effect, the number of applications was fired, to exceed more than 17,500 new applications.

This is revealed by the figures of the Ministry of Immigration that published the chain CBC.

The Liberal government had promised a series of changes to the Citizenship Act, such as reducing the required residence time, as well as reducing the age range in which a proof of English or French knowledge is required in order to obtain the Canadian passport.

The main changes came into effect on October 11th.

During the six months prior to that date, the Government had been receiving on average just over 3,600 applications per week. This figure increased almost five times in the week following the changes and a week later, another 12,530 requests were added.

The reform caused many people who had time to prepare their documents to finally meet the necessary requirements. This partly explains the marked increase.

In addition to these changes, Ottawa has pledged to improve the effectiveness of the Ministry and process all requests for citizenship within a maximum period of 12 months.

What the Justin Trudeau government did not change was the costs of applying for Canadian citizenship. The past Conservative government increased the price of these errands by almost double, arguing that they did not cover even the operating costs.

While many people were displeased by this measure, the current Liberal government decided to leave the costs of applying for equal citizenship. At present each adult must pay $630 for his/her application ($100 for minors), in addition to $100 for the “citizenship right” and $75 for the certificate of citizenship received once is sworn in.

In the year 2016 a total of 147,805 people were sworn in as Canadian citizens. In 2014 this figure reached 262,644 people.

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