Traveling to Alberta

Traveling to Alberta

This amazing Canadian province is set in the western region, with Saskatchewan on its Eastern side, British Columbia on the West, the U. S state of Montana as its Southern border, and the Northern Territories making the North edge. Its capital is Edmonton and its largest city – which was rated as one of the “Top Five Most Livable Cities On Earth” – is Calgary, where the 1988 Winter Olympics were held. Residents of this province standard of living that is set quite high.

An incredible pristine beauty is one thing that makes the province so attractive to immigrants and tourists, alike. Filled with amazingly tranquil turquoise colored lakes surrounded by aromatic forests of pine, with stunning snow capped mountains lining the horizon, this scenic landscape exudes such peace and calm. It has all the necessary components that make up the perfect formula for creating a stable and prosperous life for oneself or to raise a family.

The economy here is strong and growing stronger at an impressive rate, which means that the employment opportunities – particularly for those certain skill sets – are abundantly available. Some of the industries that have made great contributions to this incredible growth include: finance, energy, real estate, communication services, businesses, retail and wholesale, construction, health fields, utilities and transportation, education, manufacturing, education, tourism consumer services, agriculture, and public administration. Support positions in all of these areas, and more, are being created daily.

After one has been granted a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa, or during the time in which one is considering where to visit or settle, there are many attractive qualities unique to this particular province which should be considered. In just its two major cities alone are a multitude of fantastic things to see and activities to enjoy. Each one offers its own charms and attractions that appeal to immigrants, residents, and tourists, alike.

To begin with, Calgary is home to the world-famous, annual 10-day Calgary Stampede – a rodeo event that attracts thousands of spectators and participants each and every year. Some of the great places and sites to visit are the zoo and botanical gardens; the Bow River which has multiple walking paths and scenic parks along its shores as it flows right through the center of the city; Bowness, Prince’s Island, and Heritage Parks; The Inglewood Bird Sanctuary; and Glenbow or Military Museums. Examples of things to do include: enjoying a meal and the view from top of the infamous Calgary Tower; catching NHL hockey team, The Calgary Flames, in action; playing a round or two at the D’Arcy Ranch Golf Club; and enjoying the many malls, eateries and nightlife of the city.

The capital city of Edmonton is just as incredible with its many offering. It has the largest indoor mall in all of North America – home to approximately 800 different stores; the Galaxyland amusement park, the Ice Palace skating rink, the biggest inside water park on Earth – World Waterpark; an enormous urban parkland system; museums; a zoo; great camping, hiking, and biking opportunities; 11 lakes; stunning golf courses, The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra; lots of places to eat, drink, and be merry; numerous festivals; and of course, their own NHL hockey team, The Edmonton Oilers. Employment options are impressively diverse.

People who enjoy winter activities such as snowboarding, snow skiing, snowmobiles, ice skating, and hockey, will be very comfortable here. This is a wonderful province in which to live. Definitely worth considering when looking for a place to settle down.

Whether one is planning to immigrate or simply visit, getting an Electronic Travel Authorization could get the traveling started a lot faster. The application process is quick and while it does not grant automatic entry into a country, it does move things along more quickly and is valid for up to five years. For individuals with an Alberta – Canada eTA visa, there are so many wonderful things waiting to be experienced.