Traveling to Prince Edward Island

Traveling Prince Edward Island

Often referred to simply as P. E. I, this province is actually made up of one large island and about 231 smaller ones, and though it is the smallest Canadian province, it certainly does not lack in its offerings. With a land mass area of just 5,686 square kilometers, this majestic beautiful place is set in the southeastern region, out in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, with New Brunswick to the east, Nova Scotia to the north, and being on the southwest of Newfoundland and Labrador. There are more than 140,000 people in residence in P. E. I.

This truly is among the most beautiful locations in the entire country with its picturesque towns set among rolling hills that lead to incredible red sandstone cliffs or fields of lush grass leading right to edge of the stunning seacoast dotted with amazing lighthouses. The land is also blessed with aromatic pine trees and scenic lakes. Among all this natural beauty lie 26 different golf courses to delight and enjoy.

P. E. I. Residents enjoy a nice and relaxed atmosphere in which to focus on thriving and achieving a higher standard of living. With the annual average income being around $62,000 per family, it is evident that there are multiple opportunities for success. In fact, the home ownership rate in this province is ranked as the third highest in the entire country! That is especially impressive for a place that is so small.

Charlottetown is the provincial capital and the largest city of P. E. I., though it exudes the charms of the proverbial small town. There are other sizable towns that are quite popular, such as Montague, Cornwall, Stratford, and Summerside. The entire province, however, is picturesque, pristine, and promotes a peaceful lifestyle for all of its residents and provides a warm welcome to visitors.

Part of the reason those who are settled here are able to experience the quality of life that they do is that the economy is healthy and quite diverse. Among the major opportunities available are those in fields like fishing, tourism, renewable energy, agriculture, information technology, bio-science, information technology, and of course ventures in aerospace that is worth $355 million! Exports also have a huge role in boosting the overall economic growth of this pristine province.

When it comes to relaxing and entertaining opportunities, they are as diverse as the economic avenues. There are quite a few places to enjoy dinner or to take in a show, many museums and historical buildings to tour, historic Saint Dunstan’s Basilica has stunning architectural features that are over a century old, and the beaches are absolutely amazing. Sports enthusiasts will have 26 golf courses from which to choose – some of which overlook the ocean or they can go with the thrill of horse racing in the quaintness of Summerside, which has a scenic overlook of Bedeque Bay.

There are a few attractions on P. E. I. That are rather unique. These include a farm located in Cavendish that was the inspiration for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s famous novel, Anne of the Green Gables, and a haunted mansion in Kensington. While this area may not be as modernized and populated as some of the other provinces, its appeal lies in the fact that it can still offer its residents such impressive economic success while still managing to remain quiet, pristine, and charming.