Traveling to Quebec

Traveling to Quebec

Quebec is the largest Canadian province and is situated on the country’s eastern side, with Ontario as its western neighbor, Newfoundland and Labrador and New Brunswick taking position on the east, and the American states of Vermont, New York, New Hampshire and Maine making up the southern borders. Its population is second only to Ontario’s with most of the people living in or near the major metropolitan areas of either Montreal or Quebec City – which actually has an extremely low rate of unemployment. Excellent opportunities for economic growth and substantial immigrant communities make these cities very attractive to foreign national looking to immigrate and take up residency.

This province is like experiencing France with a distinctly Canadian flair. One thing that makes province unique to its counterparts is that nearly the entire population here – that is approximately 7.9 individuals – speak French as their primary tongue, making it the official language of Quebec. This makes it extremely important for anyone who may be contemplating immigrating or visiting the area to learn how to speak it, preferably before arrival, to make the transition easier an increase one’s ability to make connections.

People here have an impressive life expectancy with men averaging about 78 years and women 83! This may be partly due to the fact that Canada’s healthcare system is among the best in the world. Everyone in the country – including immigrants – get free basic medical services via the Quebec Health Insurance Plan. This, and its ideal location, could be major factors in the impressive wellness of its residents.

Another benefit to living here is that all students – from the age of kindergarten all the way through higher schooling like college or technical school – receive their education free of cost. They are given equal access to excellently rated universities and other types of secondary educational options. These advantages help improve not only their quality of life, but their future employment opportunities as well.

In this province, people are able to enjoy the four seasons of the year in the traditional sense, opening up a wider range of possible outdoor activities. Spring and Autumn are very similar in that both have pleasant temperatures and provide a magical burst of color with either the wildflowers bursting into bloom, or the leaves on trees changing their colors. Summer is festival time and is perfect for partaking of water sports, cycling, hiking, camping, or picnicking. Winter, of course, brings snow, more festivals, skiing, skating, snowmobiles, and the main Canadian pastime – hockey!

This is a “green” zone, not just in the literal sense that it is covered with magnificent mountains blanketed in pine trees, but also because they are very environmentally conscious, as demonstrated by their using clean hydroelectric power to generate roughly 96% of their energy. This is perhaps the most forward thinking of all the Canadian provinces, and its dedication to respecting diversity, protecting equal rights and the expression of freedom, and having services in place to assist immigrants in many ways. These factors make the location more appealing to foreign nationals.

With a strong economy, free health care and education, green energy, amazing seasons, and accepted diversity, there is no wonder why foreign nationals eagerly seek to immigrate to this province. The huge metropolitan areas provide ample activities, sights to see, places to shop and eat, and a really active night life. When deciding on where to settle with an approved Canadian residency, this is a wonderful option.

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