Traveling to Saskatchewan

Traveling to Saskatchewan

With its location in the country’s southwestern region, Saskatchewan is completely landlocked with its borders being with the American states of Montana and North Dakota on the south side, the Northwest Territories to the north, Alberta on the West, and Manitoba to the east. It is actually a large prairie, and it receives more sunshine than any other Canadian province. This is just one thing that makes it unique when compared to its peers.

Being a prairie gives this region and interestingly diverse geography. It goes from lushly green grasslands to fertile farmlands, to spectacularly impressive sand dunes, to invigoratingly aromatic forests of pine trees, all mixed with the stunning beauty of tranquil sparkling lakes and rushing rivers. With such a mix of vastly different topographies, the opportunities to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, cycling, boating, water skiing, horseback riding, racing snowmobiles, fishing, jogging, picnicking, ice skating, and more.

One thing that foreign nationals immigrating to this Canadian province will find quite appealing is the bevy of economic advancement opportunities. Here, the standard of living is very high – even for new arrivals – because the cost of living is the lowest in the entire country! It has a population that is growing faster than in any other province because jobs are continually being created and need people to fill them.

There are several different types of businesses that have had a significant impact on this boom in economic growth. Some of these are agriculture, fishing, hunting and forestry, construction, mining, the petroleum industry, manufacturing, and human services. All of these factors feed into one another, creating an ever-growing circle of jobs being created and the need to seek out people to take those positions – a benefit to all involved – increasing income and keeping costs low.

Another huge advantage to this region is that every individual – whether they are a long-time resident or a recent immigrant – receives free basic health services at no personal cost to them, courtesy of Saskatchewan’s government. The Canadian health care program is one of the most successful in all the world, and quality is never sacrificed. This also contributes to a quality lifestyle because the healthier people are, the happier and more productive they tend to be.

The two major cities are the provincial capital of Regina, and Saskatoon, though North Battleford, Prince Albert, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, and Yorkton, are also quite significant. Where to live is going to be a huge decision because the choices are so diverse. One may select a mid-sized city, or a small close-knit town, or they might prefer living out in the openness of the prairie, in the seclusion of the deep forest, or even in a quiet cabin beside a peaceful lake.

There is so much to see and do here such as the many festivals, horse racing, drag racing, hockey games, museums, theaters, concerts, nightlife, many dining options, art galleries, shopping, symphony orchestra performances, plays, casinos, hot air balloon rides, and amazing architecture. The economy is in a boom, cost of living is impressively low though life quality is pleasantly high, and healthcare is free. These are all very convincing reasons to choose this province as one’s permanent place of residency.
Once a person receives their Canadian Visa, they must then face the sometimes tedious task of catching their flights – facing a number of potential issues that can cause delays or problems boarding a plane. Much of this could be avoided by having the forethought to apply for an electronic Travel Authorization, which can remove many of these obstacles. A Saskatchewan – Canada eTA visa is valid for up to five years and makes this part of the immigration process a bit less stressing.